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The Leadership and Learning Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

In this episode of The Leadership and Learning Podcast, host Randy Goruk, has a conversation with life-long friends, military veterans and authors, John Buford and Sean Georges. We discuss their new book, Mission Focused Leadership and the key role leaders have in attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent.


In this episode you will learn the importance:

  • The importance for leaders to focus on people – up and down the chain of command.
  • How leaders should not focus on what to do, but how they should focus on what their team needs – and why.
  • A leader’s best and highest role to serve their teammates to accomplish the mission.
  • The importance of the quality of leadership and quality of relationships to attract, recruit and retain top talent.
  • Servant leadership is not about being warm and fuzzy – it’s so much more.
  • Sharing the why of the mission - with context
  • A few reasons leaders typically fail.
  • A powerful question you can ask someone.
  • Balancing managing and leading.
  • Three pieces of advice for someone making the transition from management role to a leadership role.
  • The one thing that separates exceptional leaders from the others.
  • How exceptional leaders spend their time and recognizing a leadership moment not to be wasted.