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The Leadership and Learning Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

In this episode, host Randy Goruk and guest John Kostaras, VP Material Sales for Katerra, recap their favorite moments of Season 1 of The Leadership and Learning Podcast.

Hear the highlights from the brilliance of leaders like:

  • Tom Corrick, CEO Boise Cascade
  • John K Smith, CEO Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
  • Jim Sobeck, CEO New South Construction Supply
  • Brad Southern, CEO Louisiana Pacific Building Solutions
  • Hardy Wentzel, CEO Structurlam

The areas covered include:

  • The role of listening in decision making.
  • How to learn from others without experiencing the pain.
  • Why leaders must continue to learn.
  • Why you must love doing what you do.
  • How to get ahead in your career.
  • What competitive advantage really is.
  • Understanding ‘value destruction’.
  • The characteristics of exceptional teams.

Now we are ready for Season 2 of The Leadership and Learning Podcast.